Why you should study interior design... even if you don't want to be an interior designer!


So that sounds a little bit strange, right? Why on earth would you study interior design if you have got no intention of becoming an interior designer? Well, you know what? We have several students in our school who study just for the love of it or for various other reasons.

I'm going to take you through seven reasons why you might want to come and study interior design with us, even if you don't want to become an interior designer. Let's dive in.

Reason #1

Reason number one of course, is that by the end of studying with us, you will know how to decorate your home like the pros. So if you are interested in creating a beautiful home, if it's a passion of yours, if it's a hobby that you love to do, then doing a formal qualification can just be about making sure that your home is the best that it can be.

So you'll learn how to use colours properly and effectively to create different effects and different moods in your home, you'll know how to make best use of space planning so that your room functions in the best possible way. You'll learn how to bring everything together with finishing touches and accessories. So you don't need to have the professional qualification just so that you can get a job. You can have it so that your own home is beautiful too. Imagine if you had all of the professional know how to make your home as beautiful as you want it to be.

Reason #2

Reason number two is that it's time for you to have something for yourself. Think about it. How much time do you spend helping other people, perhaps caring for other people, running around for other people and doing things that other people need you to do, but you know what?

It's super important for you to have time for you as well. So if interior design is something that you enjoy, if you spend your time pinning images on Pinterest, if you spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, looking at those inspirational images that people put out there, then why not treat yourself to this period of study where you can really learn about your hobby in detail and get all of the top tips that professionals know.

Reason #3

Reason number three for studying interior design is that we have a wonderful community over in our school and over in our hub. So if you want to have somebody to go to the interior design shows with, if you want to kick ideas around with a group of like-minded people, if you want to go on days out and be able to attend workshops with people that you know, that you trust, that become your friends, then you could come and join us in our community and make a whole load of new friends who are all as mad passionate about interior design as you are.

Reason #4

Reason number four is simply to have the satisfaction of learning a new skill, that feeling of accomplishment and achievement that says that you worked hard towards something, that you learned something new and that you did it. That's a great reason to get yourself onto one of our interior design courses and to get yourself studying the thing that you are most passionate about.

Reason #5

Reason number five is that an interior design qualification gives you oodles of credibility. So if you're working somehow in the interiors industry in a different way, maybe as a stylist or maybe teaching something or even maybe running a blog, which is quite popular, when you have that qualification behind you, you are going to stand out from the crowd. You're going to appear more credible to your

readership and to the people that you're reaching out to. You don't need to use that qualification in order to go into a career as an interior designer.

You can just use it to have that credibility, that backup that says, you know what you're talking about.

Reason #6

And reason number six is linked to reason number five. If you have an interior design qualification, maybe okay, you don't want to have a big career in it, but you can also use it to end some cash on the side. So again, there are writing opportunities, there are blogging opportunities, there are styling opportunities, all sorts of ways that you can make just a bit of extra cash on the side. Even going out and doing some initial interior design consultations with some clients doesn't mean that you have to have a full blown business. It can earn you some extra cash on the side, doing something that you love and something that you're passionate about.

Reason #7

And finally, reason number seven is it's fun and that's the best reason for doing anything. Don't you agree? If it's something that you love doing, if it's something that you're passionate about, then imagine being able to involve yourself in that every day coming to do assignments that don't feel like work because you are learning about things that you're interested in and you're able to play with mood boards and fabrics and paint colours and all of those wonderful things, and to come away at the end of it with a certificate that shows that you have got a level of competence in this skill.

So there we go. These are our seven reasons why you should study for an interior design qualification, even if you don't want to become an interior designer. If you're interested in studying interior design, then come on over to our website, INTERIORDESIGNERSHUB.CO.UK where you can find out about our suite of qualifications and courses. We'll see you over there.

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