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Are you ready to stop


and start


Then come and study with us...

... An interior design school that does things differently.

We Don't Just Teach You...

We Nurture You

We Develop You

We Transform You


Imagine what you could achieve...


Do you...

... love decorating your own home but you think doing something you're passionate about as a career just isn't possible for you?

... worry that you're not creative enough or talented enough to do it for other people and (gasp) get paid for it?

... think perhaps it's too late for you to change career into something you are passionate about, at this stage in your life?

... feel scared to take the first step in case it's a mistake?

And you (not so secretly) dream of...

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Making money doing what you love

When you do what you love, work doesn't feel like work!

It's time to get yourself QUALIFIED, so that you can start making an INCOME from your passion. Who said work couldn't be fun?

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Designing beautiful interiors just like the pros

No more hit-and-miss designing.

CONFIDENTLY pull together colours, fabrics and furniture to create 'Insta-worthy' design schemes. Spend your days expressing your CREATIVITY.

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Having the freedom to call the shots

You no longer have to be a slave to someone else's timetable!

You'll have the FREEDOM to design not just beautiful interiors, but also to design your own HAPPINESS.

Just imagine if you could...

Study something you are genuinely passionate about, that excites you and makes you want to jump out of bed in the mornings.

Acquire the skills to be able to create rooms just like the ones you see in magazines and on Pinterest.

Have a fulfilling career where you have the freedom to create your own schedule, working around your other commitments and passions, whilst bringing to life the creativity that's inside of you just waiting to get out?

Know that you weren't *just* signing up for an e-learning course, but that you were going to be supported, mentored and developed to create a whole new life for yourself.

That's where I come in!

Hey hey... I'm Kate! 

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A few years ago I was in your shoes right now. Wondering about whether to take the leap into interior design and if it would work out for me.

I eventually chose a course, but unfortunately for me, it wasn't quite the experience I'd hoped for...

Now I'm a pretty clever woman (even if I do say so myself) but design was an entirely new discipline to me, and once I started studying I soon found myself needing a bit of support. 

I needed access to someone who could just answer my questions and explain things in more detail than just a video alone could. 


... I was often unable to get hold of my tutor, which meant that I ended up struggling alone, or asking questions in an unmanned facebook group, which was a bit like the blind leading the blind if I'm honest! Waiting weeks for my marks was demotivating as I never knew whether I was on the right track.

"It felt like I was in a diploma factory! "

At times it felt like I was in a diploma factory, just another number on their production line. 

And when I eventually *did* qualify I came out feeling like I'd been dropped off the edge of a cliff. There was no support to help me forge a career using my new qualification. I had a diploma in my hand that *said* I was an interior designer, but I certainly didn't feel like one! 

This was no way to develop people! 

As a professional educator in my (then) day job, I knew this was NO WAY to deliver a high quality learning experience. 

I knew that there was a better way to develop people, to provide a fully rounded educational experience so that students graduate- not just with a qualification in their hand- but with real, practical knowledge and the confidence to head out into the workforce. 


And that's why I created this for you!

Introducing... the BEST supported, UK government accredited qualification:

Level 3 Diploma in Interior Design Skills

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For People Just Like You!

EVEN IF... You're worried you're not good enough (You are- we teach you how!)

EVEN IF... You think you don't have a creative bone in your body, your 5 year old does better drawings than you and you can't pull together a colour scheme to save your life (Honestly, by the time we've finished with you, you'll know exactly what to do!)

EVEN IF... you think this is a crazy idea (it really isn't! Lots of other people are doing this too... check out our testimonials below)


So what's included?

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Module 1: Interior Design in Context: 

What exactly is interior design, and what is its purpose? How do you tell good taste from bad?

Take a look at interior design through the ages: know your Rococo from your Art Deco so that you can confidently design properties from any period. 

Module 2: Design Inspiration & The Role of the Interior Designer 

Learn what influences design schemes, from different stimulus to current trends.

Get to grips with the role of the interior designer, understanding the stages in the design process from client brief to project completion and learn how to deal with a client brief in the real world. 

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Module 3: Colour Theory for Interior Design

Learn the correct "designer terminology" for colour, and discuss its use in real design schemes. Find out how colour has been used in different historical contexts.

Learn about the psychological associations of colour and how colour can affect our perception of space and scale.

Module 4: Drawing Plans & Elevations 

An important part of being an interior designer is being able to communicate how a design will look.

Learn how to create professional quality floor plans and to-scale elevations, using industry- standardised terms. 

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Module 5: Space Planning 


Find out how to design spaces for optimal traffic flow. Learn how to produce furniture layouts and get proficient in developmental sketching-- even if it's been a while since you held a pencil in your hand!

Module 6: Soft Furnishings 

Find out about the suitability of different fabrics for different purposes and understand how to alter room proportions using soft furnishings. Learn how to calculate fabric quantities for curtains. Learn how to render design presentations, and how to write a project specification. Real skills for the real world. 

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Module 7: Wall & Floor Finishes 

In addition to learning about the different materials you can use for flooring and wall coverings, you will also explore the use of technology in design and the development of SMART materials.

Critically compare the properties of different materials and learn how to consider sustainability in your designs to meet the demands of an increasingly ethical-conscious market.

Module 8: Furniture Styles & Accessories

Develop further knowledge about the furniture available to designers in the marketplace, and look at the bespoke design of commissioned pieces. 

Create your own directory of suppliers that will be useful to you once you get out into "the real world". 

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Module 9: Creative Lighting 

Develop your knowledge of lighting design, lighting products and how to use lighting to create different effects. 

Learn how to produce a professional lighting plan to share with a range of industry specialists. 

Module 10: Professional Practice for Interior Design 

Develop the skills needed to set up an interior design business. You will gain an understanding of costing, marketing, and sourcing suppliers. You will also research potential career paths and come away, ready to hit the ground running into your new career as an interior designer.

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Are you ready to start your journey into interior design?

Our diploma is closed for enrolment until late Spring 2021. 

To be the first to find out when the doors open again, get on our wait list here. 

But will this work for ME?

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I know what it's like when you've got a big decision to make.

You sit there uhmming and ahhing...

Going round... and round... and round in your head

Asking Questions like... 

But what if I can't do it?

But what if I find out I don't like it?

But what if I fail?

And on... and on... and on!

But you know what? My answer might surprise you because it's...


This qualification might not be right for you!

This is NOT right for you if...

☠️ You don't enjoy interior design (you gotta love it if you're gonna do it every day, am I right?)

☠️ You believe that working in your dream job is just that- a dream- and can't become a reality

☠️ You'd rather sit around thinking, "What if I fail?" rather than, "What if I fly"?

☠️ You aren't ready to invest in yourself to practically guarantee yourself a qualification and the chance at a whole new exciting future.

But this IS right for you if...

❤️ You love interior design and you know that the worst outcome here is that you study something you love and learn some new skills

❤️ You are ready to invest in your best asset: YOU

❤️ You finally realise that, to get true happiness in life, following your passion is the only way

❤️ You know that, with awesome coaching and support, you could soon be a qualified interior designer, making a living doing something you love.

Still Got Questions?

We got answers!

Got more questions?

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Here's what our students are saying...

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Want to talk it through?

If you're almost there with your decision, but you'd like to talk it through, why not get in touch for a chat?

You can ask me about anything that's worrying you, and then you can go away and make an informed decision about whether it's the right fit for you.

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