When Interior Design School Finishes… What’s Next?

When I finished my interior design school qualification, I was pretty pleased with myself.

I was now the proud owner of an official piece of paper, a certificate that was my proof that I was now an interior designer.

Only there was a problem. 

I didn't know what to do next!

I mean, the piece of paper said that I was an interior designer, but I didn't really feel like an interior designer.

In fact, I felt like a fraud.

And scared. 

Like real scared.

What should I do next?

Should I go and get a job to see how a design firm operates? Perhaps I should contact some interior designers and ask if I could do some work experience with them? Or should I just dive in and start my own business?

But I don't know anything about getting customers. Or how to set up a website. I'm not really sure how to use social media for anything other than keeping in touch with my friends. 

Or even, if I could have admitted it to myself, whether I was even good enough at design to work for a client. #secretconfessions

I had all of these ideas whirring around my head, and no-one to show me what to do. 

I was in a panic. 

Can you relate?

You see, I've met many people who are struggling with exactly the same thoughts. And it doesn't just affect new designers, it can affect designers who already run their own business, as well as people transitioning from other disciplines like soft furnishings into interior design. 

We second guess ourselves, we doubt our skills and knowledge and we let the FEAR get the better of us.

But it doesn't have to be like this. 

Inside the Interior Designers Hub, we have training and support to take you through setting up your business, sorting out your tech, setting up your business processes and - most importantly - getting customers. 

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