7 Reasons Interior Designers Love Monday Mornings


Did you jump out of bed this Monday morning excited to get on with your day and really excited about going back to work? No?

Well, did you know that if you run your own interior design company, you may well find that Monday mornings are going to look a whole lot different!

Here are seven reasons that interior designers love Monday mornings.

Reason # 1

Reason number one is that it's completely flexible. When you run your own business, it's up to you to call the shots. So if you want to go and see your child's play or sports day or you've got an errand that you just must run this week, it's up to you to arrange your schedule around the other things that you need to do in your life.

Reason # 2

Linked to that is reason number two that you are the boss and that means that you get to do whatever you want to.

You can create the business of your dreams. You don't have to ask a boss for permission to start a new project or to work with a particular client. You don't have to ask for time off, so it's okay for you to go to those doctor's appointments without having to ask permission. You're not going to miss out on your children's sports days because guess what? It's up to you to put it into your diary so that you can attend whatever you want to.

Reason # 3

Reason number three is that your business can be as big as you want it to be or you can keep it as small as you want to be. It's really down to the efforts that you put into your marketing about how much time you invest in getting new customers and about whether or not you want to grow to be the next Daniel Hopwood or Kelly Hoppen or whether you just want to run a small local practice when you're the boss is entirely in your hands.

Reason # 4

Reason number four is when you run your own interior design practice, you can work from home, so not only do you not have any crippling business overhead, but you can also work in the way that you want to in your own home environment. And if you really want to, some days you can even work in your pyjamas.


Reason # 5

Reason number five, if you love hanging out on Instagram, then when you run your own interior design business, suddenly hanging out on Instagram becomes a viable thing to do. Instagram is a great place for you to get new customers. And so it gives you a real excuse to get out there and to really get to grips with Instagram and to enjoy all of the wonderful work that's out there.

Reason # 6

Reason number six, I don't know what you do for a living at the moment, but what I can tell you about interior design clients is that they're generally wonderful people to work with. So they are so delighted when you hand over a project to them and it makes the world of difference when you have clients that are appreciative, that really thank you for the work that you've done and that you've transformed their lives for them.

It's a super rewarding thing to do.

Reason # 7

Reason number seven is that you get to indulge yourself in colours, in fabrics, cushions, curtains, all of those wonderful things that you so enjoy. So love looking at, touching, feeling, finding out about that becomes your day to day work. It really is a wonderful thing to do.

Want to have all this?

So there you are, seven reasons for you to become an interior designer, and if that's just beginning to pique your curiosity, why not come and join us over in our Facebook group where we talk all things interior design, and we help people to transition from different careers into becoming an interior designer, even if they think they don't know how to do it. So do come and join us over at interiordesignchat.com which is our private Facebook group. We'll see you over there.

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