Do You Have an Interior Designer Hidden Inside You?


Do you have an interior designer hiding inside of you?

There are several tell-tale signs that say that perhaps you should begin thinking about becoming an interior designer.

Before I became an interior designer, there was a whole host of things that were pointing to me, almost screaming at me, telling me that I should become an interior designer and maybe it's the same for you.

Here are some of the signs to look out for that might just be telling you that it's time that you gave up your day job and start to pursue your passion for interior design.

First up, when you get visitors to your home, do people comment on how lovely your home is, how beautiful your decor is? Do they ask you how you achieve that? Believe you me, that's not normal! Most people don't have beautiful homes that people come in and comment upon.

So if people are coming into your home and telling you that your decor is beautiful, maybe that should be ringing some little alarm bells in your head, making you think that perhaps you're not yet on the right track and that you need to start studying interior design.

Sign number two, go and take a look at your Pinterest account and your Instagram account and tell me what is the main thing that hits you about it. What are your boards pinned with on Pinterest? Are they full of cat pictures or are they full of interior design pictures?! If you've been pinning lots of inspirational images about interior design, then again, that is a massive clue that it's time for you to follow your passion.

Sign number three is if you've got friends and family that ask you for your advice when they begin to decorate their own home.

So if you've got a family member or a friend who is asking you for advice on which colours to choose or where to shop or where to source things, or for you to just give them some general guidance, then that is a massive sign for you that perhaps there's more to this for you than just a hobby.

The next sign is to pay attention to what you'd like to watch on the TV. So if you can't wait for the next series of the great interior design challenge to come on your TV, if you're obsessed with watching grand designs and all of these other programs, then it could be that it's time for you to stop treating this as a hobby and to begin to think about how you could incorporate this into your life in a much bigger way.

And finally, if you have a partner that's grumbling about the amount of money or time that you spend on decorating your own home, if you're obsessed with making each area of your home look as beautiful as a show home, then that again should be a massive signal to you that perhaps it's time to turn this from a hobby into a career.

So if that's beginning to ring some alarm bells for you, if the penny's beginning to drop and you're beginning to think, my goodness, this could be so much more than just a hobby, how amazing would this be to do this on a day to day basis?

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