6 Ways to Create a Showstopping Entryway

The feeling of arriving back home after a long day at work (at least when we used to go into the office) …there isn’t anything quite like it. That sense of ease and relief, just from arriving home. 

However, coming back to a showstopping entryway will really escalate that feeling of arriving home and it’s really easy to achieve this for your clients.

Front door fun

Start the experience before they even open the door by giving the front door a makeover. The front door can either set the scene for the rest of the house or can complement the existing design.

Try symbolic colours like red, muted tones like grey or you could even try a fun pastel colour. Choose accessories that will complement the shade you go for and that can be carried through, throughout the home.

Cosy on up

Even if your brief is to go minimalist with an entryway, you can still make this theme cosy, warm and inviting.

A good place to start is with the right lighting. Coming home to a dark hallway is a no no when you want to create an inviting environment. Experiment with different fixtures and ensure you go warm with your lighting.

If you want to take the cosiness to the next level, incorporate a rug or runner, this will give your entryway an immediate homely feel. You could even make the rug a statement piece of the entryway, which leads nicely to…

Make a statement

For an entryway that really wows, think about adding a statement piece. This should be thought about carefully, especially if you’re working with a small space. If you’re working with a small space, you can use a show stopping light fitting or an oversized mirror which will help give the illusion of more space whilst adding something very special to the entryway.

But if you have more space to work with, think about other ways you can make a statement. Again, in keeping with overall themes and style of the house, use a beautiful piece of art, maybe an antique side table or even a lavish coat hanger could be the centre piece for the hallway.  


If you don’t have the luxury of working with a larger entryway, you’ll have to use some tricks to create a welcome home that doesn’t underwhelm. This can be done by avoiding using dark walls, opt for lighter tones or even white walls to make the space feel airy and light.

The use of mirrors will be key to creating the illusion of more space in your entryway. However, you can still be creative and go for an unusually shaped mirror or incorporate a classic antique mirror to add something special to the hall.

Flower power

Don’t underestimate the power of a bunch of fresh flowers in your entryway. An injection of colour and nature will instantly lift the feel of the entryway and everyone loves walking through the door to a wonderful aroma of fresh flowers (unless allergies are a problem, in which case go green with a very on trend house plant).

Don’t forget about the stairs

If your entryway includes a set of stairs, don’t neglect them in your design plans. How can you include the stairs in your overall vision? In most cases, you will need to fit the design around the style of the stairs, so invite your client to consider this when discussing budgets.

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