Why Knowing Your Interior Design Niche Makes Marketing So Much Easier

When you first start up a business it is tempting to want to attract anyone and everyone to your business. But without an interior design niche, you will find yourself appealing to no-one very quickly!

But surely I want to appeal to everyone?


No, actually, you don't!

You see, when you try to appeal to everyone, you end up watering down your message, and creating a bland kind of offering that doesn't really speak to anyone. 

If you are looking for an interior designer that is a bit middle of the road, what sort of design do you think you're going to get? 

Middle of the road design!

But when you express who you are, and what design you actually love to do, you begin to attract the sort of customers and the sort of projects that you love to work with. 

Let's look at a few examples:


Jessica specialises in colourful, patterned interiors, and creating a bespoke experience for her clients. Here is an example of her work:


This use of bright colours and bold patterns is what sets her apart from other designers. This is her niche.

When it comes to marketing her business, it makes things so much easier. In terms of what she shares (the content), and the colours that she uses, she already knows the sort of content she needs to share, because she has a strong niche and a strong brand identity.

Here is an example of her instagram feed: 

Her niche is going to attract the sorts of customers who like the same sort of interior design. People who enjoy quirky, colourful, patterned design.


In contrast with the bright and colourful designs of Jessica Buckley, let's take a look at Surrey based designer, Sophie Paterson. Her niche is totally different to Jessica's, as can be seen from her portfolio:

From the first glance at the website, you can see that Sophie's niche is luxury, high end interiors. Sophie attracts high-paying clients with big budgets. Being clear about the niche that she serves makes is easier for her to know how to attract her ideal clients, what sorts of visuals she needs to use, and what marketing messages she needs to be giving. 


So now we've taken a look at a couple of examples, have a think about the niche that you want to serve. Come and share your thoughts with us, over in our free >Facebook group<.  


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