6 ways to make additional income as an Interior Designer

As you grow in confidence as an Interior Designer and become comfortable with the entire client journey, you might want to look at ways to expand your income streams. You might be surprised at how quickly you get to a place where this could become an option, but even if you are at the beginning of your Interior Design career, knowing the options for later down the line will be helpful in the planning stages of your business.

Create a digital course

As you develop as an Interior Designer, you will gradually discover what your zone of genius is within interior design. If there is a type of trend that you have absolutely nailed, or if you are good at working with a particular layout, drill down and become the go-to expert that people go to. Whether it's a live masterclass, a mini course or a full 12-week programme, a digital course is a great way to package up your skill set.

Write an e-Book

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This is a fairly quick and affordable way to create an extra stream of income as an interior designer. Simply share your knowledge by creating a guide or ‘how not to’ guide. You can write about how you approach design projects, create checklists or templates that provide value but also act as a tripwire to convert clients. You could also think about writing an e-Book for other interior designers sharing the lessons you’ve learnt when setting up your Interior Design business.

Use affiliate links

If you have a favourite supplier, resource or tool that you use regularly and really believe in, you are probably already recommending them, so why not get paid for it. Using affiliate links or becoming an ambassador for a brand you’re passionate about is a really easy way to generate more income.

Introduce VIP Days

Selling VIP Days or Intensives are a mid-level offer that will really bolster your earnings whilst ensuring your time isn’t being drained. They are perfect if you want to take some much-needed time to recalibrate in your business or if you don't have enough time to take on a whole project but still want to serve more clients.

A VIP or Intensive Day could look like spending a full day with a client who wants to focus on one room and carry the project out themselves but just needs some guidance and direction.

Start a YouTube design blog

Share your passion for interior design with the world by becoming a YouTube blogger! If you’re not camera shy and want to start really elevating your presence as an expert, creating vlogs will position you right up there. This is also a great way of increasing your like, trust and know factor, plus if you gain enough subscribers, your blog could start generating extra income!

Referral Fees

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If you are regularly booked out or clients come to you with a brief you don’t feel comfortable carrying out yourself, it’s a great idea to team up with other designers who you can refer clients on to for a fee. It’s never easy turning down a client, but by creating these types of relationships, you can guarantee that all parties are benefitting.

If you would like to expand your network of interior design peers or need a sounding board to develop your business ideas, the Interior Designers Hub is a supportive community of like minded designers and mentors who are always on hand to help. Click here to read more.

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