5 décor trends in 2021 influenced by the pandemic

Our homes, our abode, our 4 walls…we have seen more of them than we ever would have pre-Covid.

And this has made us all look at our living environments a little differently in 2020 which has inspired some exciting 2021 décor trends. 


Bringing nature indoors - scaling your indoor jungle

2020 was the year we found out whether we were responsible plant Mum’s or Dad’s, with varying degrees of success! But there is no getting away from the aesthetic upgrade adding some plants to a room can add.

Although house plants have been around for decades, I’m looking at you 90s spider plant, in 2021 we’re going more exotic with more variety becoming readily available – even for the plant parent with an iffy pass record.

2021 will see budding and long-term plant lovers scale their indoor jungles with easy-to-keep succulents and more unusual varieties like the Velvet Calathea, String of Hearts plant and Mistletoe Cactus.

House plants can instantly brighten up a room, but their popularity is growing because of other reasons too.

Creating an indoor jungle (or adding a statement plant) can have benefits to our health & wellbeing when we’re unable to leave our house as freely as we would like. There is scientific proof that adding elements of nature indoors can help reduce stress levels, creating a therapeutic environment at home.


Functional small spaces

The last 12 months have been a testing time for those living in city flats or smaller homes shared by families and flatmates.

Our homes have had to take on multiple functions, tripling up as home, work and social hangout…not to mention school, nursery and child care centre!

But this far from ideal scenario has birthed some inventive ideas for transforming small spaces into ‘new’ areas for different functions.

Say hello to the cloffice…a closet or small storage area in the home that has been transformed and doubled up into an office area – genius! This creative idea means that workers can literally in some cases close the (closet) door at the ‘office’ when it’s time to ‘go home’ for the day.

Small spaces have taken on other functions too. Snugs and areas for alone time have been created in tiny places in the home, perfect to curl up with a book, light a few candles and just have some peace and quiet.



Global influences - decor inspired by far away destinations

Let’s be honest, we’re all desperate for a change of scenery. A beach, a mountain view, a lake. All of which was very unattainable for most in 2020 and we’re yet to see what 2021 has in store for our travel plans. Which is why lots of us are bringing far away destinations in to our homes.

With restrictions on travel, this décor trend is set to be huge in 2021 with rooms being transformed, inspired by dream destinations.

Serene Japanese design, a splash of Spanish colour, furniture inspired by Caribbean sunset vibes.


A place to zen

We’ve all had to play closer attention to our mental wellbeing over the last 12 months and ensuring our environments are conducive to reducing stress rather than causing more…(step 1, turn Boris off).

Mindfulness and mental wellbeing became more sought out in 2020 with the Calm app holding the number 1 slot in the app download charts during the peak of the pandemic last year.

Transforming a place in your home in to a ‘wellness sanctuary’ has enabled people to focus on their mental wellbeing, a place for them to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Soft colours and textures, candles, macrame, indoor plants and light-coloured beachy woods will continue to be a décor trend that grows in 2021.


Elevating luxury

Spending more time at home has given us more reason to improve the décor and spend more time and, in some cases, more money to elevate the look and feel of our homes.

Bedrooms inspired by boudoirs, luxurious furnishings and textures in living areas giving your family space more opulence. The popular Netflix series Bridgerton has inspired more classic-interior design, think silks and velvets with grand furniture design taking your home from regular to Regency.

This 2021 décor trend will see finishing touches take centre-stage – every interior designer’s dream!

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