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Learn How to Draw a Simple Furniture Plan in SketchUp

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Scared of SketchUp but know you need to learn it?

This challenge is for YOU!

Let's learn some new skills and have some fun!

The SketchUp taster challenge is a whole week of FREE  training and coaching on SketchUp.

Design a complete floor and furniture plan in just 5 days with loads of support and feedback along the way. 

We use the free version of SketchUp (which we'll show you how to access) and the lessons are free too. How good is that?!

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5 Days of Free SketchUp Tutorials

Learn how to use the software- the right way! Step by step, bite sized tutorials. Even if you've failed with SketchUp before- you're in safe hands with us!

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Design a Complete Furniture Plan in less than a Week!

You'll be shown how to navigate the software, how to use all of the tools and be given step by step instructions to help you out.

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Gain a new Level of Confidence in Yourself

See that you DO have the ability and the passion to have success with SketchUp. You'll be wowing your clients in no time!

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