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Acuity Scheduling is an online assistant, Allowing clients to book appointments.

Free Trial if you click above.

Nothing to say here, since the dawn of time PhotoShop has been doing it's thing.  For me however, Canva is simpler, cheaper, loads easier to learn.  I find myself only using Photoshop now for rendering.

Adobe Stock. The most amazing, biggest stock photo site. Is biggest a word? Whatever... these pics will give you everything you could ever want.

We use Canva Professional EVERY single day.  It is awesome!  Enough said.  30 day Free trial available via above link.

Pay as you go, or inexpensive subscription options available.  Always find an image I need on this great little site.  Not as slick as shutterstock but it is the images that count.

You can get almost anything done on this amazingly versatile site. Graphics made, videos edited. Sometimes costs a fiver, sometimes more, but still great value.

This site is great as they have a "10 images per month for free" plan which is an absolute no brainer to sign up for.

The Interior Designers Hub is able to offer the full suite of SketchUp software via our sister site

We recommend Squarespace to all of our Interior Designers. Best website platform for your needs.  Perfect balance between cost, flexibility, design and ease of use.

Free Trial if you click above.


Two of my absolute favourite things combined!  Plus customers get 12% off their first order via this link.  

Those of you who know me well will be aware that Modern Country is my favourite style.  Love these guys!

Beautiful furniture, great quality, one of my fave websites!

20% off of your first order if you click above.

All of favourite brands in one place - and delivered to my door!  Earthborn, F&B, Little Greene and many many more.

Our fave feature of the Dulux website is the popular Dulux Visualizer - see your scheme come to life.

Exquisite wall coverings and cushions to match.  You had me at exquisite...

Now operating exclusively online but still as funky as ever!

Who doesn't love a bit of habitat?!

They were first to market with smart lighting and have remained market leader ever since.  Their products are bulletproof, we use these bulbs everywhere in our house.

I love everything about these guys, apart from the lead times on some items but we can forgive them that.


I Love that MDM  divide their collections into "style and trends".  Montmartre trend anyone?

P&P (as all the cool kids say!) ... or Perch and Parrow if you're not cool like me 😉 have been making waves earning a strong reputation and I can see why.

Luxury, Bespoke (two of my favourite words in the entire English language) sofas.


Our interior designers love to work with and specify extensively for their client projects and it is not difficult to see why|

For those special finishing touches, and the occasional stray into the daywear section obvs!

"The Home of Extraordinary Objects" is one of the best strap lines around.  Nothing to add here.

The authority on Bathroom Trends, with some rather lovely tableware thrown in!


Vinterior is an amazing platform where you can fill your home with amazing pieces.

Sister site to and we love it for all the same reasons.  Well you cannot choose between siblings now can you!

Banking / Insurance

If this is not the dullest topic on the planet then I am not sure what is.  Hiscox specialise in small business insurance and have some of the best rates around.  Get covered and forget about it.

Another of the UK Challenger banks, they excel at online service and their app is great. Starling preferred for business (free banking) and Monzo for personal banking.

We use Starling Bank here at The Interior Designers Hub HQ.  As banks go they are alright.

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