Successful & Profitable



But you're feeling SCARED, OVERWHELMED or you don't know WHERE TO START?


Maybe you can relate to some of the following:

You dream of running your own interior design business, but you don't have the CONFIDENCE to do it, and you worry that you're not GOOD ENOUGH. You would benefit from having someone to GUIDE you and NURTURE you every step of the way. 

 You would like to run a PROFITABLE and ENJOYABLE interior design business, but you're not sure how to make that happen or where to start.

 Maybe you feel reasonably confident with your design skills, but sometimes you have a design question that you'd just like to get a SECOND OPINION on. Where else can you go to ask, without revealing that you don't know the answer?

 You love being creative, but when it comes to GETTING CUSTOMERS, you're not sure where to find them.

 You'd like to BOOST YOUR INCOME and create a steady stream of money, instead of having a feast and famine existence.

 Perhaps you've tried flying solo but realised that running your business is a lonely place! You'd like a COMMUNITY of fellow interior designers who you can turn to for help, to problem solve with, and to pick you up when you're having a bad day. People who just "get it".


Hi! I'm Kate



Your Problem. Solved.


Business Roadmap

Follow your business roadmap, detailing what you need to do at each stage of your business journey. Never be unsure what step to take next!

Online Training Vault

Training in all stages of running a business, from sowing the seeds to growing it like a pro! Our comprehensive training vault is available 24/7.


We mentor & support you on your journey every step of the way, through a manned Facebook group and weekly "hot seat" calls where you can get 1:1 help.

Goals & Accountability

Our monthly "Smash It!" pack helps you to set and review your goals and track your progress, and we check in to make sure you're on track during the month.

Social Media Content

Each month we give you weekly blog post ideas plus a social media post idea for every day of the month. Never wonder what to post on social ever again!

Supportive Community

The community here is like nothing you've seen before. Want support, cheerleading, encouragement, friendship? You got it! We also meet up in person 3 times a year for fun days out.

What's in the training vault?


✔️Sow the seeds of your business

✔️Get clarity on your mission, vision and values

✔️ Define your ideal client

✔️Research your viability



✔️Create all project, customer & financial processes & workflows

✔️Set up your legal structure

✔️ Define your packages & pricing



✔️Showcase your business with a winning brand & consistent brand visuals for social media

✔️Create a perfect portfolio

✔️ Build your website



✔️Crow about your business with a solid marketing strategy

✔️Create a consistent content schedule

✔️ Raise your brand's visibility with our marketing and PR strategies


✔️Grow your business using analytics to drive your targeted marketing efforts

✔️Systemise & automate your processes as you begin to scale

✔️ Create a steady pipeline of client work

Meet Some of Our "Insiders"

These are our real Hub Insider members, all supporting each other to thrive and grow their businesses.

But how much does it cost?!



PER MONTH (Plus joining fee of £147)

+ Training: Access to all areas of the training vault

+ Mentorship: Weekly hot seats calls

+ Support: A manned Facebook group

+ Monthly Smash It pack

+ Daily social media posts

+ Weekly Blog Post ideas

+ Invitation to attend all Hub meet ups

+ The know-how to run your business like a boss.

+ The confidence to run the business that deep down, you know you're capable of. 

Join Hub Insiders

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. As part of your membership you will get access to our 'Launch Your Interior Design Business' training, which takes you right from the mindset stages of starting a business, through to setting up your contracts, pricing and workflows too. If you're brand new, you're in the right place!

No, we have designers at all different stages of their journey: from people who are still studying interior design and thinking about starting a business, to people who have been in business for years. It is a beautiful mix of experience and fresh new ideas, with each side bringing something rich and valuable to the community. For designers at all stages, we offer community, training, mentorship and accountability, as well as access to our trade discounts, our find a designer service and lots more!

Yes, we have interior stylists and soft furnishers in our community, who all complement the community, draw from it and contribute to it too. Our membership is tailored to interior designers, as that's what we do, but we find that our other members get huge value from being amongst professionals in the same industry.

No you do not. Whilst we think it's a really good idea to get qualified (and we offer qualifications in our diploma programme), it is possible to set up in business without design training. Some of the most successful names in the industry don't have qualifications in design (hello Kelly Hoppen!) and still make a huge success of it. That said, our membership focuses on teaching business and not design. If you're looking to learn design, check out our >diploma programme<. 

This isn't a course, it's a membership. Although there are trainings available inside the membership, Hub Insiders is for community, networking and mentorship. Think of it as a professional membership, rather than a course. 

Whilst our membership is a lot of fun, we are also serious about helping people to set up and grow their businesses. We therefore only want people to join who are serious about making their business a success. We also want to be fair to our current members, and not be distracted by constantly on-boarding and off-boarding "tyre-kickers" who just want a cheap month's trial. If you are serious about running a successful and profitable business, an investment of £147 is not going to get in your way.

You are not tied in for any period of time, and you can leave whenever you like. However, we have an incredibly low cancellation rate; once people join, they feel like they have found their tribe, and people generally don't want to leave the hub family!


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